Bodywave 13x4 frontal - frontal

Bodywave 13x4 frontal

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Product information

The bodywave structure is a loose wave. It is the perfect structure for long lasting ironed curls and for straightening the hair. The structure is also very beautifull in it's natural state. The structure is comparable with 2A type hair.


This is a 13x4 frontal.
It is available in 12 to 20 inch

Disclaimer: We offer no warranty or guarantee if you damage your frontal , bundles or wigs in any way, we are not liable and will not offer you a refund or exchange. We suggest to seek professional help when bleaching the hair. you can contact us for options.

Hair Care tips:

We recommend to treat the bundels like it's your own hair. Use moisturizing products to keep the bundels soft at all time. Click here for the hair care guide where you can find washing and styling tips.

Lace colors

brown lace is perfect for the darker skin. it will blend in naturally
transparent lace is for lighter skin tones.
HD lace is for all skin types. The lace is ultra thin for a perfect natural look. Please notice because HD lace is extra fragile, it is not recommended to use it for daily wear.

OptionCostDelivery Time
Netherlands€6.05 (free above €250)5 - 10 Business days
EU countries€12.955 - 10 Business days
Non-EU Europe€19,957 - 14 Business days
Worldwide€25,00 20 - 30 Business days