Goodbye to machinal wigs and hello to handmade wigs!

Goodbye to machinal wigs and hello to handmade wigs!

Out with the Old: Machinal Wigs

First things first – machinal wigs will soon bid farewell from my website. But hey, no need to worry! If you're one of my regulars who loves their machinal wig, don't be dissapointed. Shoot us an email, and we'll still get that machinal magic delivered to your doorstep.

In with the New: Handmade Wigs

Now, let's talk about what's stepping into the spotlight – handmade wigs! Why? Well, they're more flexible, Unlike machinal wigs, they can be fully customized to your wishes. Think about:

  • made with your headmeasurements
  • the amount of hair is decided by you
  • single or double drawn hair


Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn

For those with natural thick hair and want similar volume in the wig, the double drawn wig is the way to go. If you have thin hair prefer something closer to your natural volume, the single drawn option is there for you. And here's the kicker – you're not stuck with a standard weight. Whether it's 200 grams or 300 grams, we've got customizable options. 

Personal Touch: Your Headsize Matters

Ordering a handmade wig? We'll need your headsize. Don't worry; it's a straightforward process – check out the video below for guidance. If you need a bit more help, we can set up an online consultation to walk you through it. If you're in the Rotterdam area, book an appointment for a face-to-face head measurement

More Options, More Information

With these changes, there's a bit more to consider in buying a wig. But don't worry! Every step will be detailed on the website. If you prefer a more personal advice, you can always schedule a consultation. We're here to guide you in making the right choice for you.

Exciting times are ahead, so stay tuned! Embrace the versatility of handmade wigs. See you on the website, and let's make these transitions smooth and seamless.

As we bid farewell to machinal wigs and usher in the era of handmade beauty, I want to express my gratitude for your continued support. Change can be a bit unsettling, but it's also an opportunity for growth and improvement. Your satisfaction remains my top priority, and I'm here to ensure that these transitions are as smooth as possible for you.

I'm excited about the journey ahead and the chance to offer you more personalized, versatile options. Check out the website for all the details, and remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, I'm just an email away.

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