• Exciting News: Our Handmade Wigs Are Coming Back!

    I'm delighted to share that my handmade 1b wigs will be returning to my website on April 20th! With an array of new options, including personalized fittings and customizable volume, your wig experience is about to get even better. Join me on this journey as I craft each wig to fit your unique measurements, ensuring a perfect fit and style. Plus, don't miss out on the special offer for your first install appointment. Get ready to rediscover the joy of wearing a handmade wig tailored just for you. Stay tuned for April 20th, when Amazing Wigs by Sadia makes its grand return!

  • Goodbye machinal wigs

    Dear Valued Customers,

    As we approached March 1st, a significant change is on the horizon for my website. Say farewell to my beloved affordable wigs, but fear not, For this departure marks the start of an exciting new era of handmade wigs!

    For those of you who have cherished our machinal wigs, I understand that saying goodbye may evoke mixed emotions.

    Rest assured, if you're a loyal fan, I am here to ensure your satisfaction continues. Simply reach out via email, and we'll help you transition to our new investment in handmade wigs, ensuring your needs are met.


    Are you constantly facing challenges with your hairline, especially around the forehead and eyebrows? Dealing with frontals that just don't align with your natural hairline can be frustrating, and the days of shaving edges are long gone. If you've been on the lookout for a solution, look no further – I'm thrilled to introduce the Low Hairline Frontal, tailored to address your specific needs
  • Goodbye to machinal wigs and hello to handmade wigs!

    Hey there wig enthusiasts!

    I've got some news to share with you – after careful consideration, I've decided to make some changes to the wigs available on my website. I've noticed that machinal wigs, while once a staple, aren't stealing the spotlight anymore. Let's talk about the upcoming adjustments and why I'm making them.

  • The Sensus Haircare effect

    Navigating the sea of haircare products can be overwhelming, but one brand that's really stood out for me is Sensus haircare. Personally, I've seen a big difference in my hair when using Sensus compared to regular drugstore shampoos. If you're curious about my experience and want to know more about why Sensus stands out, read on!
  • Why don't we show our alopecia clients

    In a world where we all have our unique insecurities, it's important to talk about a common issue – alopecia. Alopecia comes in various forms, from losing patches of hair to going completely bald. These hair issues can hit your self-esteem hard. At Amazing wigs by Sadia, I am to help. Our aim is to understand your needs and create a custom hairpiece that lets you be your best self.
  • re-introducing Handmade Custom Colored Wigs: Your Perfect Fit for Effortless Elegance

    Dear Valued Clients, We've been listening closely to your feedback, and we understand that finding the right wig size can be a real challenge. Too ...
  • Illumyna Scalp Line: Het Geheim van Gezond en Sterk Haar begint bij de Huid

    Alleen omdat je een pruik draagt betekend dat niet dat jou eigen haar/hoofdhuid verwaarloosd moet worden!

    Bij Amazing Wigs by Sadia zijn we altijd op zoek naar innovatieve manieren om jouw natuurlijke schoonheid te omarmen en te verbeteren. Daarom zijn we verheugd om onze nieuwste toevoeging aan te kondigen: de Illumyna Scalp Line. Deze revolutionaire productlijn is speciaal ontworpen om jouw haar en hoofdhuid de verzorging te bieden die ze verdienen, met producten die tot maar liefst 95% natuurlijke ingrediënten* en plantenextracten bevatten en tot 98% biologisch afbreekbaar zijn. 

  • Unleash Your True Colors

    We value your individuality and want to empower you to express your unique style. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that we will be dedicating more resources to offer a wide range of custom colors. Whether you have a specific shade in mind or want to experiment with a fresh look, our team will be here to bring your color dreams to life.....
  • A Refined Selection

    After careful consideration and extensive market research, we have decided to focus our efforts on providing you with the absolute best. As a result, we will now be exclusively offering four structures from our product range. These products have consistently received exceptional feedback from clients like you and have proven to be the most sought-after in the industry.......
  • Introducing ByMoreno Affordable wig Collection

    As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of hair solutions, we have made the strategic decision to discontinue our current affordable collection. However, we have some exciting news! We are delighted to announce that our friends at ByMoreno will be taking over the affordable collection and will be selling these budget-friendly hair products directly......
  • Elevating the Quality of 613 Hair

    As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible products, we have embarked on a mission to elevate the quality of our 613 hair. We understand the importance of delivering top-notch hair extensions that meet your styling needs and expectations.....