Hey there, fellow wig lovers! If you've ever found yourself struggling with frontals that just won't align with your low natural hairline or the abundance of your beautiful baby hairs?Tthen I've got some exciting news for you. Let me introduce you to the game-changing Low Hairline Frontal – designed especially for those of us looking for a more realistic and seamless blend with our unique hairlines!

Unlocking My Natural Beauty

 I know the struggle of dealing with traditional frontals that just don't cut it when it comes to complementing a lower natural hairline or handling those baby hairs. The Low Hairline Frontal is here to change the game, offering a natural and effortless look that enhances your unique features.

Tailored Just for you

What makes the Low Hairline Frontal stand out is its personalized design. It's crafted with precision to mimic the contours of a lower natural hairline, ensuring a stunningly realistic appearance. Whether your hairline sits naturally low or you've got a crowd of baby hairs, this frontal is the key to achieving that seamless, undetectable finish.

The piece of hair I am holding to the front is the hair that will be customized to your needs, it will be plucked and cut accordingly making it look like your natural babyhair.

Versatility Redefined for My Style

Beyond its tailored design, the Low Hairline Frontal is incredibly versatile. Whether I'm going for a sleek ponytail or embracing voluminous curls, this frontal seamlessly adapts to my preferred style. It's the perfect companion for experimenting with various hairstyles and textures.

 How to order a wig with this frontal?

Book a consult to discuss your custom made wig. during the consult we will discuss your hairline and we will see what frontal fits best for you. Or e-mail us with your request and we will give you a price specification. 

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